Without performing this step, a newly onboarded member will have access to all inWorks LLC user addresses via Address Book in Outlook. To create a more focused, privacy-oriented, and professional environment, we create an address book policy that consists of a global address list, an offline address book, an address list, and a room list.

By default, the instructions below will include all recipients in the Global Address List and standard Address List.

Create Required Artifacts

Start by creating the three lists and the offline address book:
  1. Global Address List: "CompanyName Global Address List"
  2. Address List: "CompanyName Address List"
  3. Room List "CompanyName Spaces and Resources"
  4. Offline Address Book "OAB_CompanyName Offline Address Book"
Create Address Book Policy by specifying the three lists and the offline address bok

PowerShell Script to create all of the required artifacts

#name of the company - must match what's in user's Company property to accurately reflect membership
$company = "Replace with Company Name"

#global address list
new-globaladdresslist -name "$company Global Address List" -includedRecipients AllRecipients -ConditionalCompany $company

#standard address list
new-addresslist -name "$company Address List" -includedRecipients AllRecipients -ConditionalCompany $company

#room/resource list
new-addresslist -name "$company Spaces and Resources" -includedrecipients Resources -ConditionalCompany $company

#offline address book
new-offlineaddressbook -name "OAB_$company" -AddressLists "\$company Global Address List","\$company Address List","\$company Spaces and Resources"

#address book policy
new-addressbookpolicy -name "All $company ABP" -AddressLists "\$company Address List" -GlobalAddressList "\$company Global Address List" -offlineaddressbook "OAB_$company" -roomlist "\$company Spaces and Resources"

Assigning Policy to users

In Exchange Admin console's recipients (, select recipient and edit details. Choose the All [Company name] ABP in the Address Book Policy drop-down.

Save the user's properties. Multiple users can be selected from the list and new policy applied via button on the toolbar.
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